How to Travel Cheap

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

St. Agustine

Traveling is something I think most humans yearn for. A new experience, a new place, new people; just something different from everyday life. Travel feeds your soul. Unfortunately, in this day and age, travel has become an expensive industry and you can easily lose track of your budget when planning a vacation. For example, a couple hour flight can cost over $600; way overpriced if you ask me. But there is a solution. Let’s take a look at the common means of travel.


Air travel has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. It’s faster and easier but not always cheaper. Flights still cost a large sum of money, especially if you’re not careful. Through years of experience, planning, and research, I’ve come up with 10 ways to fly cheap:

  1. Skyscanner is a simple website that allows you to select a number of options relating to your next flight, then displays the cheapest options while also comparing prices. It also includes cheap hotels and car rentals, along with displaying the whole month so you can compare days with the cheapest flight. Just click HERE to find the cheapest flight for your next vacation.
  2. Buying Early can mean the difference of several hundred dollars. Plan months ahead for your trip and I guarantee you’ll find cheaper prices than if you bought your plane ticket later. Also, it allows you to get a possible refund if fares go down.
  3. Be Flexible when booking a flight. Instead of flying on Saturday, try Wednesday, as weekdays are almost always cheaper. In order to find the cheapest flights, it may be necessary to adjust your schedule slightly. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind spending a few extra days on vacation, especially if it means saving money.
  4. Discount Airlines can be very useful in your attempt to save money on travel. Some discount airlines are Southwest AirlinesFrontier AirlinesJetBlueSpirit Airlines, and many more. Just look around and you’ll find a low price ticket to the destination you desire.


Train travel is a popular mean of travel in Europe. It’s not as fast as air travel, but it’s not too expensive, it’s scenic, and there of plenty of trains in Europe.

  1. Book in advance to find the cheapest train travel option and compare prices. Look early and get great deals for any journey.
  2. Search different websites for cheap train tricks. Such as THIS one, which goes in depth into finding the the most cost-effective ticket. It also includes a way to compare prices based on your destination and departure location.


Road trips are my preferred method of travel. Just bring the right people and you can have a blast while stopping anywhere you want on the way to your destination. However, there are ways that road trips can leave your wallet empty.

  1. Fuel can become very expensive if you’re not careful. With increasing gas prices, driving a couple hundred to a couple thousand miles can really drain money from you. Fortunately, This Website compares gas prices near you so you can choose the cheapest gas nearby. You’ll be surprised by how much money you’ll save by using This Website.
  2. Eating Out is expensive and unhealthy, but on the road, it can be difficult to find another option. The best thing to do in this situation is to bring a small cooler full of sandwiches, healthy snacks, and water so you won’t have to stop at restaurants or fast food places.
  3. Camping is a cheaper option than hotels. There are many free or relatively cheap campgrounds around the world. Just bring a tent and a sleeping bag and have a fun adventure on the way to your destination.

Remember, traveling first have to be expensive if you go about it the right way. So get out there in the world and explore. You only have one life so make it count.

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